28/2 Postcards from Barcelona, by Camila Falquez

Camilla Scott. We present Postcards from Barcelona, a video where Camila Falquez, collaborator in The Sartorialist, says to Scott Schuman: “Barcelona is the best city in the world” and he replies, “Convince me.

26/2 Music comes back to Barcelona with Guitar Festival BCN

From February 20 to July 5, in several spaces of Barcelona, we will enjoy concerts of great artists, both national and international.

24/2 The recipes of our chef Felip Llufriu in “Cuines”, TV3

Last Monday, Felip Llufriu, the chef of the Roca Moo restaurant, showed us in “Cuines”, a show broadcasted on TV3 (the catalan public television), how to prepare a delicious “tapa” of fried sardines with lemon and basil. Doesn’t it sound good?

21/2 Ommsession Club opens its doors during the Mobile World Congress

Our Ommsession Club, night club hotel, will open at night from 24 to 26 of February, from 12am.

19/2 Jacinto Esteva, exposition and cinematographic retrospective

“What I really like is to go beyond my bounds, cross limits, untimely sneeze”.

17/2 Barcelona without hurries: cultural plans in Raval

Raval landscape is a mix of cultures where museums like MACBA or CCCB are obligatory stops of a tour full of contemporary art with art galleries, workshops, design studios, specialist libraries, cultural venues, gastronomic spaces or new fashion shops with the youngest and cosmopolitan atmosphere of Barcelona.

12/2 Bagués-Masriera jewelry exposition for his 175 anniversary

Since last December until the end of February, Bagués Masriera commemorates his 175 anniversary with the best moments of his long career.

10/2 Special February treatment in Spaciomm

This February, Deep Tissue Massage and Glyco Peel facial treatment by Natura Bissé.

7/2 Josep Abril wins 080 Barcelona Fashion catwalk

The Hotel Omm uniform designer, Josep Abril, won the last edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion.

5/2 The art of Barcelona photography in La Virreina

From 5th of December until next 16th of March, you can see the exposition called “A golpe de ojo. Cultura visual fotográfica reciente en Barcelona”. La Virreina Centre de la Imatge hosts this exposition that wants to take a look to the city through its own visual identity.