Barcelona Luxury Hotel

Hotel Omm brings a perfect club enviroment with the best live music in Barcelona

We have two different areas, where you will find oud different ambient in each.

In the Lobby – Bar  you will enjoy a perfect evening event with soul&jazz music from 20:30. The elegance of jazz music mixed with the depth of whole life soul music. Ambient music with personality.

After it, our Omm Club, where you can go into from the hotel lobby, brings the best Funk&Soul in Barcelona every Thuersdy, friday and saturday from 00:00 to 3:30.

Over there, you will feature the newest mix of electronic music with live music which musicians from everywhere will bring a awsome evening with the authenic meaning of ‘Club’ concept with a lot of surprises.

In the Omm Hotel we also have the perfect enviroment for enjoying a drink, the best accompany before or after having dinner.




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